I can’t overstate the importance of this movie, and specifically this exchange.

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Forget James Bond. I’m the super spy who’s won your heart.

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My little sister is a really pretty girl and she gets dick pics all the time from annoying boys, so being the girl she is, she started using them as blackmail.
She now has about 30 boys doing her bidding because one stepped out of line and she got someone to print out 500 copies of the photo and mailed it to his family.

My sister is 16 and she’s running a black mail Mafia.
She’s going places.

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wtf is up with chile look at it


that’s no way to run a country

that’s not a country that’s a conga line

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old golden retrievers are one of the purest forces of good on this planet

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If Lupita is the real life Disney Princess, can Jennifer be the real life quirky side kick?

This is the best one I’ve seen.

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The human brain is an amazing organ. It functions 24 hours a day from the day we are born and only stops when we are taking an exam or fall in love.

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